Barrie Kennel & Obedience Club


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Group 4 - Terriers

Here are the breeds recognized by the CKC in the Terrier Group. We currently don't have any club members with terriers, but we have provided some examples as well as one of our members handling a Miniature Bull Terrier in Group.

Airedale Terrier - ART
American Staffordshire Terrier - AFT
Australian Terrier - AST
Bedlington Terrier - BDT
Border Terrier - BRT
Bull Terrier - BLT
Bull Terrier (Miniature) - BTM
Cairn Terrier - CIT
Cesky Terrier - CST

Club member Elizabeth Numbers showing Miniature Bull Terrier "Abby" (Jewels Clear Diamond Clarity) in Group at the Credit Valley show in December 2012.
Dandie Dinmont Terrier - DDT
Fox Terrier (Smooth) - FTS
Fox Terrier (Wire) - FTW
Irish Terrier - IIT
Kerry Blue Terrier - KBT
Lakeland Terrier - LKT
Manchester Terrier - MNT
Norfolk Terrier - NOT
Norwich Terrier - NRT
Reserve Overall Junior Handler Kelly Hatt with her wheaten-coloured Scottish Terrier at the Northern Ontario Zone Championships held at the Barrie Kennel Club show in 2010.
Schnauzer (Miniature) - SHM
Scottish Terrier - SOT
Sealyham Terrier - SAT
Skye Terrier - SYT
Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier - SCW
Staffordshire Bull Terrier - SSB
Welsh Terrier - WLT
West Highland White Terrier - WHW
Best In Show (Aug 5, 2012) Judge: Aida Rivera Franco Smooth Fox Terrier Ch J'Cobe Broxden The Headliner at the Barrie Kennel & Obedience club All-Breed Show.