Barrie Kennel & Obedience Club


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Group 3 - Working

Here are the breeds recognized by the CKC in the Working Group. At the bottom see some of our club members with their Working Dogs.
Akita - AIA
Alaskan Malamute - AAM
Bernese Mountain Dog - BMD
Boxer - BXR
Bullmastiff - BLM
Canaan Dog - CNA
Canadian Eskimo Dog - CED
Doberman Pinscher - DBP
Entlebucher Mountain Dog - EMD
Eurasier - ERS
Club Member Elizabeth Numbers showing her homebred Doberman Pinscher "Prada" (Ch. Hausenbrook's Designed to Charm) to a Group 2nd placement.

Great Dane - GED
Great Pyrenees - GEP
Greenland Dog - GEN
Hovawart - HVW
Karelian Bear Dog - KBD
Komondor - KMN
Kuvasz - KVS
Leonberger - LOB
Mastiff - MSI


Club member Elizabeth Numbers showing Newfoundland "Fern" to her Canadian Championship August 2012. She is is the much loved pet of Chris and Glenda Alderson (Club members, Glenda pictured on right).

Neapolitan Mastiff – NEO
Newfoundland - NWO
Portuguese Water Dog - PRW
Rottweiler - RTW
Samoyed - SMY
Schnauzer (Giant) - SHG
Schnauzer (Standard) - SHS
Siberian Husky - SBH
St. Bernard - SBR


Best In 2012 Royal Canin Breeder's Classic:

Snowmist Siberian Huskies

Breeder: Kim Ramey-Leblanc (Club Member)

MBIS MBISS Am/Can Ch Snowmist's Legally Blonde

MBPIS Ch Snowmists's Up The Ante

Ch Snowmist's Winter Pride

Ch Snowmist's Yours Truly